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Custom Designed Mug/A Personal Story

Laura DehnertComment

Well it's been well over three, close to four months since I've had a blog post. WAY too long! I've been dealing with some health issues and other things but God is good and I'm always called back to my love of crafting and I just had to share an item that I made for a Christmas gift. 

My eldest child is 21, and she's a lovely, independent, talented, all the stuff moms say about their kids but really, she's awesome. She and her boyfriend also happen to have a little family of pet rats. Yes rats, I know that might turn some people off but the more and more I see pictures of her little ratties the cuter I think they are, and they are SO loved by their mom and dad so I made this mug as a Christmas gift. It has the names of all her pet rats, including her beloved who passed away. The design is huge and takes up most of the mug, so following the photo is a video turning the mug all the way around. In the video I say how I hope she liked it and well....she did. She really, truly did, her reaction was one that could not have been faked and it warmed my heart to its core to see how happy she was with something I made for her. I'm still learning to navigate this whole "parent of an adult child" thing but this time, I think I finally did something right.


The MAIN reason I'm showing you this is not because I think I'm going to get a thousand orders for "rat mom" mugs. The point is just how versatile the mediums I work with can be! I use my Cricut electronic cutting machine to cut out the designs I input on the computer, then work with professional grade vinyl, the same stuff that is on many clothing and other items you buy at stores, as well as paint, etc. The point is, if you can think something up, we can probably work together to get it onto a piece of clothing, a mug, home decor, etc. Probably the very best way to contact me about a custom piece is email, 

And while there's an actual lame video on my blog, I'm gonna be brave and link my YouTube channel that currently has 2 subscribers which are family members. Hey, everyone starts somewhere, right?