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The Family Shirts Keep Going and Going...

Laura DehnertComment

If you remember awhile back, I took an image from my husband's late grandfather's bar logo, and turned it into shirts for my two youngest kiddos as well as my Mother-in-Law. Well, I was asked to make one for my Father-in-Law's birthday and was given a sweatshirt. Believe it or not, my first sweatshirt! So I went for big logo on the back and his name on the front


It's pretty simple, sure, but it was Dick's father, who passed away several years back who was "Mickey" so his and his mom's bar has sentimental meaning to him, as well as many family members who spent a lot of time there. Meaningful gifts like this are my most favorite gifts, personally. I eventually want to get the whole family into these shirts/sweatshirts/jackets/tank tops/onesies etc. A few of them are lucky enough to own original shirts, jackets, etc, but I love that I can keep the logo and the memory of Grandpa and Grandma going through new generations, even if they only get to see stories and see photographs. The original blog post featuring this design as well as a picture of a REAL original of this design is found right here.